Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How to have Christmas without leaving your home and saving time....

The 12 days of Christmas (revised):

12 Christmas cards for giving, 11 twinkling lights for replacing, 10 relatives for shopping, 9 dozen cookies for baking, 8 Sweaters for dry cleaning, 7 nativity characters, 6 Trips to the mall, 5 letters to Santa, 4 parties for attending, 3 wreaths for hanging, 2 Christmas recitals and 1 tinseled Tree! Ahhh.... so joyful are the days prior to Christmas.

Are you joyfully joking!?! Pardon me, but not everyone is capable of knitting matching sweaters for the family and pet Chihuahua while you sit in traffic on the 405 freeway. If only we were all Martha's with the time to churn our own butter from the cow outside our house for Christmas cookies. Thank goodness I'm no pessimist!

Lucky for you, Santa and I are gym buddies. (Yeah, he works out at the 24 hour in Irvine. No, I don’t know why. But, it might be because I’m so amusing and tell him “good girls” don’t like skinny guys.) Anyway, Santa gave me the magic fairy dust of Christmas 2 years ago. You ready here it is.....online! No joke, it’s how Santa himself does a lot of his business. After you read the below you too will consider on line shopping/ordering/reserving/developing/arranging to be the most enchanted way to have Christmas. Just sprinkle and repeat.

To use: Say the magic words below and type!

Rudolf the red nose reindeer didn’t have to pay for gas mileage!

When you add up the cost of gas, your lunch at the mall, the cost of the fender bender in the parking lot and the cost of the gift you bought at the mall... We're talking $500 for a John Mayer CD. Save yourself the woes and instead perfect your red wrapping bows! Shop on line for all of your gifts. Detailed pictures and on line sales are the best things since eggnog lattes.

Deck the halls with Free Delivery fa la la la la la la la!

Years of fabulous entertaining have done a number on your sofa. So you're going to replace the sofa and get a new bedroom set for the guest house. Of course you have plenty of time to shop and arrange for delivery. Using www.FurnitureFromHome.com you do! No other furniture retailer provides a variety of sofas and bedroom sets ranging from classical bedroom sets to contemporary dining room sets. Friendly assistance, 24 hour customer service, high resolution images and a fabulous site to navigate through. Redecorating never looked so rewarding. Not only will your house be updated, but it will be done in less than 30 minutes. Free delivery on most of the merchandise allows you to kick back and finish knitting that scarf for Aunt Bebe.

Jingle all the way, preparing Christmas dinner shouldn’t take all day!

No, this does not require a microwave! Get on line and place a catering order through The Honey baked Ham store, Bristol Farms, Gelson's, your local restaurant or super market. Most caterers offer fully roasted and stuffed turkeys with all the side dishes. You will have so much free time that you will be able to help make your daughter make that ginger bread house sparkle! Will make you almost all will deliver to your home the day of your party!

Silent Night, A very cold night, hanging Christmas Lights, oh what a fright!

Just Google “Christmas light hangers” and you will find a list of companies that will send out their elves to jump on your roof and hang your Christmas lights. A majority of these companies have installers who are18 to 20 year old boys who are home from college trying to make a couple of bucks. So while you’re making some extra time for yourself you are also feeding starving students.

Not a creature was stirring, not even a computer mouse!

By December 26 you need a massage and a batch of peppermint Vikatin cookies. Don’t let your time saving stop post Christmas. Get your memories from Christmas morning back faster than your five year old can rip through wrapping paper. Using ShutterFly.com you can upload your memories and have them mailed to you in 3 days. You don’t risk losing the digital files at the developer and you never waste the gas getting there.

It all comes down to quality, not quantity. Sometimes it’s best to pick and choose the traditions we most cherish and take some help with the others. I love the smell of the fresh pine in our living room, reading through Christmas cards and my mom’s Crepe’s Christmas morning. I do know from past experience that when I am exhausted I don’t fully enjoy all that the season has to offer. I hope you use these tips to make time for yourself to enjoy your family and spend the time cheerfully humming through what you cherish most.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Tips on moving for my Nomad's.....


Moving….ugh!!! And I’m not talking boots! Why can’t it be like the Oregon Trail ya know? Hitch up the ponies throw in your two dresses, a canteen of water, grandma’s bible and pray you don’t die of yellow fever on the way? Okay, so maybe not so much like the Oregon Trail. Today’s ponies look like gas bingeing Uhauls and Grandma’s Bible is now huge sofas and bedroom sets. How do you get it all to the new house without a prescription for Xanax? With tips from La Irvina that’s how! Read on nomads!

1. Less = No stress!

So you are planning on buying a new bedroom set and replacing the sofa nicknamed “party foul central.” Why would you move stuff you are planning to replace anyway? Cancel the truck and hop on the internet to purchase an entire bedroom set and sofa that can be delivered to your new home. The best part is you won’t have to pay for the shipping or labor to move it. You’ll save the time of replacing the set later and you’ll have a fresh start in your new home. Most online furniture retailers like www.FurnitureFromHome.com are very accommodating to your schedule. They can arrange to have the items delivered on your move in date.

  1. Trash is a great stash!

Use white trash bags instead of boxes for clothing, linens and towels. Use a black permanent marker to label them. Their cheaper than boxes and you can lean against them while you tell that one story about how when you were a kid, you hid in box and got sent to New Hampshire on a UHaul.

  1. Who is your 2 a.m. crew?

If you were in jail or stranded at 2 a.m. who would you call? Who would come and bail you out? Chances are those same people are the people who will help you move your dining room set with a smile. Be sure to thank your loyal friends with rounds of coffee, beer and sandwiches. But, if you’re better at giving than receiving then purchase new furniture than can be delivered to the new house from www.FurnitureFromHome.com

  1. Front seat Fragile!

Since when did the word “fragile” translate to “play soccer with this box. It’s fun!” Not so much! If you have heirloom pieces like china, crystal or priceless Disney movies on VHS than you better put them in the front seat of your car. Be sure to keep a towel over them so vandals aren’t tempted to make “The Lion King” a shrine in their living room.

  1. Online Oasis

The opposite of moving would be relaxing? And you know what you can! This is the 21st century after all. What used to take a day of arranging, movers, trucks, boxes and furniture can now take 30 minutes tops online. Arrange for all the necessities of moving online with Uhaul.com Arrange for new furniture to be delivered to your home with www.FurnitureFromHome.com Since your such a genius for getting it done so fast you deserve a “Movish” backrub. Tell your missus a “Movish” back rub is a rub that leaves you free of kinks and is smooth all the way through.

  1. Designing sound dumbfounding? La Irvina is here for the unwinding!

Are you moving into a custom home with so many rooms you don’t where to start? Or are you moving to your first starter home with bizarre cabinets that are 2 ft by 2 inches? No matter what the scenario ask La Irvina of www.FurnitureFromHome.com for tips on everything for decorating kid’s rooms to how pick a fabric for your sectional sofa.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bedroom sets by the Signs...


Christopher Columbus’s blood runs through the veins of an Aries. Act NOW or forever be bored to your knees! An Aries is always on the edge of greatness. Their exploration is carried through to their shopping for bedroom sets. An Aries wants to try it all. A Contemporary Bedroom Set with new fangled style is exciting for an Aries. Life is much too exciting for sleep making a Queen Bedroom Set sufficient for just enough shut eye to refuel. An Aries enjoys being on the brink of new ideas. Making a chic and Modern Bedroom Set the ideal for their bedroom. The perfect scenario would be finding a bedroom set online at a store like www.FurnitureFromHome.com That way they can shop and purchase within an hour and get back to planning that safari in Africa.


The Lion, the fearless leader in the jungle of life. Well suiting a Leo requires a King Bedroom Set for peaceful slumber away from the antics of leading. Leo’s have great expectations for themselves in all areas. A Solid wood bedroom set and a Quality bedroom set is well suiting for the Leo. New styles are scrutinized by a discerning leader. Likely a Leo will try out a Modern bedroom set for size. However if it doesn’t possess the attributes of quality wood and design than it will be exiled from the kingdom. .


Notorious for being the most perfect sign of them all. No seriously, Sagittarians are confident in their own definition of style. Open minded and intellectually curious a Sagittarian will want to know the history of a bedroom set. What kind of wood is this? Really? Where is that tree grown? What kind of air can you get jumping on the bed? It is a certified, jumping-safe bed right? Silly to you. Serious to a Sagittarian. A Sagittarian will prefer a dark wood bedroom set. Stylish by their own classic taste a Sagittarian has no need to keep up, making a classic bedroom set a grand possibility. Something that tells a story might speak to them. A distressed wood bedroom set might allow a Sagittarian to relish in the idea of a bed with a tale to tell.


Some of the most fascinating people in the world are Taurus’s. Warm and sensual beings that have a great appreciation for the fine things in life. When it comes to selecting a beautiful bedroom set beauty is the main factor. Elaborate designs and fine woods will stand out amongst the most scrutinizing eyes of the Taurus. The Taurus is the most likely to purchase a California King Bed, since life is too short to have anything less than the best. Mahogany bedroom sets, Canopy beds and solid wood bedroom sets with detailed design will be the most favored for a Taurus. The passionately strong willed and affectionate Taurus needs the same characteristics in a bedroom set that they possess in themselves.


Mother Earth is preserved by her Virgo children. A Virgo is practical and intelligent. Methodical and truly one with nature. Born out of realism with a tight grip on the importance of their environment. When it comes to bedroom sets they are prone to gravitate toward a clean and pure wood. A pine wood bedroom set or airy light wood bedroom set will look like a serene haven to a Virgo. A Virgo is a pure in all facets of life. Their modesty is seen in the transitional bedroom sets that they choose. It’s not about the flash or the prestige of what they have. It is the practicality and purity that it offers. Natural fibers are key to a Virgo. Wood bedroom sets are the optimal choice.


A stand out amongst the mass of flesh. A Capricorn does not go along with the crowd. They enjoy being an outsider and relish in their style. A Capricorn can be found purchasing the bedroom set with flare. A Cast Iron Bed exudes the strength of a Capricorn. Its reliability is seen in the beds stature. A disciplined and hard working Capricorn will feel the need to splurge on a Queen bed, for optimal rest from their exhausting work schedule. A-typically not following the crowd a Capricorn might even purchase California King Bedroom set just for their own shock value.


Everybody loves a Gemini. The witty and adaptable people we all cherish. Their cheery disposition is well accompanied by a “Cherry” bedroom set. Capricorns are upbeat and proud to be the main stream for communication. Their homes are inviting and soothing. One might find a Shabby chic Bedroom set, in a Gemini’s room. Bright and energizing bedroom sets are the keys to their hearts.


The chameleons. Young, old, outgoing or shy, a Libra makes everyone feel at home with them. The same with bedroom sets. Any bedroom set goes with a Libra. Let it be a Cherry Bedroom set or a light wood bedroom set. For a Libra a trundle bed is just as suiting as a grandiose King Bedroom set. The most important feature to a Libra is the comfort that the bedroom provides.


Always ahead of their time. An Aquarius is always sailing in the opposite direction of the crowd. Yet, it never bothers the Aquarius. They are comfortable being the eccentric. An Aquarius is likely to mix a contemporary bedroom set with classic bedroom accents. Original in their selection you never know what side of the bed their on. One day they could want a Cherry Bedroom set while the next day their thinking a natural wood bedroom set with a gloss finish. Watch the Aquarius to set the trends.


Fire works in a bottle. Scorpios have distinct and intense personalities. They shock people by their black and white mentality. Like wise their bedroom set selections differ distinctly from others. If a Scorpio likes a Modern Bedroom set then you are most likely to see their entire home in the lime greens and blacks. If they prefer a dark bedroom set you’ll see dark woods through out the home. Scorpios are likely to keep their tastes in bedroom sets for a life time. They know what they like and changing them is like changing black to white.


The fearless protectors. Cancerians are sensitive with an urge to protect the people around them. If sharing a bed a Cancerian will care about it’s durability in an earthquake. A solid wood bedroom set with its durability and stature will have great appeal to a Cancer. They want to feel the people around them have the best possible care. A Cancer prefers a King Bedroom Set over a Queen Bedroom Set. They will always choose the route that offers most comfort.


AKA Shakespeare in the flesh. The Pisces are the sensitive romantics amongst us. A Pisces is empathetic and compassionate. Like the Virgo the status of their environment weighs heavily on their heart. All facets of their life have importance and meaning. Purchasing a bedroom set requires a thoughtful and artistic eye that comes easily to the Pisces. A discriminating Pisces will find Solid wood beds and Classic bedroom sets pleasing to their pallets. Beds with exotic woods and artistic details are treasures worth the cost to a Pisces. As a leader of many movements the Pisces finds shopping online to be the most desirable way to shop. Their favorite place to shop for aesthetically pleasing furniture is www.FurnitureFromHome.com the most comfortable place to shop for romantic bedroom sets.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A guide to finding a bedroom set in the jungle of options....

Are you like me? Have you ever been searching for that one CD and just can’t remember who it’s by? You end up going up to a clerk and start singing the lyrics. Unfortunately this strategy only works at Best Buy. The most effective way to shop would be to know what you're looking for before you go. When shopping for bedroom sets make sure you know your woods, veneers and designs before you go swiping your card around. A bedroom set is a pricey purchase. The more you know about the products the more prone a salesperson will be to give you the best assistance in finding exactly what you want.

A Cherry Bedroom Set vs. A Mahogany Bedroom set-

As different as cherry pie is from strawberry, a cherry bedroom set is a few sweet degrees to the left of mahogany. A cherry bedroom set is a regal choice. Sophisticated with a rich vibrant flare. If you're looking for character in a room a cherry bedroom set will supply you with years of good company. Not to be confused with Mahogany wood sets (which also have red under tones.) Mahogany woods stand on the burgundy side of the reds. A deep rich color that is sophisticated. As well, Cherry woods are carefully stained woods. Unlike Mahogany which has a natural red tone.

A King vs. California King-

Personally I think this was an underground deal made between the sheet factory and the mattress factory. The sheet factory is making a killing while they sell double the sheets to people buying for the wrong size mattress. For now lets ignore my conspiracy theory, here’s the real scoop. The California King mattress is 4 inches longer than a Standard King Mattress. A Standard King Mattress is 4 inches wider. Depending on your preference of foot room vs. elbow room you can make your decision. Also, make sure your sales representative is aware of the size of your mattress when you go to purchase a bedroom set.

Canopy beds vs. Bed Posts-

One of the easiest ways to be confused. Both of these beds have 4 large posts rising up out of the four corners of the bed. However, a canopy bed has railings with the capability to hang fabrics and curtains to the bed. A Canopy bed is great for a room with vaulted ceilings or plenty of space. A bed with bed posts is decorative in the wood that stands alone. No railings connect the posts.

Head boards-

The piece of wood that stands above where you rest your head. Depending on the style of the bed you're going for a head board might be inter-changeable. Again, a bigger head board is great for a bigger room. There is the ability to keep the head board sophisticated and simple or grand with etched wood and appliqu├ęs.

Dark Wood Bedroom set-

Consider a dark wood bedroom set to be like the color black. Versatile, classy, timeless. Stained to a rich, dark perfection. Dark wood bedroom sets are not the stuffy, old-English wood it has been associated with. Dark woods are making a comeback. Remember, brunette is the new blond? Try a dark wood bedroom set in a brightly painted room for great contrast.

Contemporary Bedroom set-

If Contemporary Bedroom Sets were a city, they would be Miami Beach. Sophisticated, sexy, and cutting edge. Strong lines, steel embellishments and vibrant colors encompass these bedroom structures. Made for the sophisticated and chicest of consumers

Classic Bedroom sets-

Bare wood never looked so good. Subtle curves and natural woods in classic shapes. A classic bedroom set is always in style. Gorgeous woods that shine in the afternoon sun and last from generation to generation. A classic bedroom set is suited for a home that is unpretentious and naturally confident.

Pine/blond wood bedroom sets-

They don't call them “blond bombshells” for nothing. There is something about a light wood bedroom set that is inviting. Bright, radiant and fresh. Lighter woods give off a refreshing and relaxed feel. Great if you live near the beach or love the beach look. Most light wood bedroom sets are natural and unstained. Look for a solid wood bedroom set or birch wood bedroom set.