Friday, September 29, 2006

Decorating with Man's Best Friend

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Irvina Ali Kanarek

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Man’s best friend. Sofas best foe. Can the beasts of the land really cohabitate with the fine living spaces of a home? Sit with assurance and roll down the page to find the tricks of the trade when it comes to owning a pet in a designer home. After reading these tips you will howl with delight!

Purrrrrrrrrrfect Leather-

Nothing like coming home to sit on your favorite sofa full of cat hair! Your Armani suit has enough pin stripes, there is no need for anymore white lines of cat fur. Trade in your fabric sofa for a leather sofa . Keep your living room furniture in lavish good taste without the animal hair.

Mutt-iculously clean floors-

Rocket science will never look so easy after you try to potty train your pooch. This task will cause you enough gray hairs. Don’t let carpet cleaning be an added frustration. Wood floors are an essential to a home with an indoor pooch. Besides, now that you have invested in beautiful leather sofas wood floors are going to compliment them even more.

Fur Fur Away-

Animals have it rough. Just when they get comfortable on the clean laundry, the mail and your photos you swat them away. Where’s a tired Calico to go? Send her on a voyage to the Basket Bahamas. The Basket Bahamas, where it’s dark and warm away from the storm. How to: Take a deep basket, turn it on its side and throw in a blanket. Most likely you will have just created a feline hot spot. “Fur-fur away” from your projects in “To do town”

Puppy love-

Chances are when you first brought your pooch home you gave him baths constantly, pedigree food and all the TLC a puppy could get. Somewhere from there your pooch gets a bath once a month and your home has a pungent odor. Bathing and brushing your pooch weekly will improve the fragrance of your home and the quality of your couches.

If you have chenille couches or sectionals this is even more vital. Due to the fabrics absorption.

Dog-gone good taste-

It’s common knowledge that your cooking is so good that all walks of life beg on all fours in request. However, your dining room table might encounter a beating with all the paw traffic nearby. Be sure to polish up the feet of your dining room table. While you preheat the oven make sure you keep the legs of your dining set in shape. The constant run in with paws and hair can leave the feet prints and Panting for a morsel of creation. of Dining room sets

Treat your feet-

Now that you have arranged your new leather sofa, installed wood floors, bathed your pooch, created a getaway for your feline and polished your dining room table you deserve a rest. Sleep well in a new bedroom set. Cherry Wood bedroom sets, classic bedroom sets, King to Twin….. As many breeds of dogs under the sun there is the variety of sofas at .