Thursday, November 16, 2006

How to keep the good vibes coming in your home....

Earlier this summer I was diagnosed, “H.S.P.” Of course I assumed it meant Happy Sophisticated Princess, but besides the obvious it means something else. H.S.P. is a Highly, Sensitive Person. I feel, hear and sense more than the average person. Absorbing the emotions of people around me I am more sensitive to my environment. It’s funny because I have been noticing how I feel when I enter different people’s homes. Some homes put me completely at ease as if their sofas was a log in the middle of Fern Gully. In other homes I instantly feel sadness as if I just heard about another 3 fallen soldiers I Iraq. The sadness lingers until I leave. It’s not as if one home has more lavish furnishings than the other. It’s the sense of peace or lack there of that I noticed.

I did some pondering while sitting on the chenille fabric couch I like to call my office. I thought about the homes that I love to visit and never want to leave. Besides the ambiance of a beautiful Cherry wood dining room set what makes these homes send me such a warm and inviting aroma?

Think about Starbucks for a second. What makes people stay in there for hours and hours at a time instead of hanging out inside of a McDonald’s? I think a lot of it has to do with the positivity that is coming in and out of Starbuck’s. They are brewing fresh coffee all day, they spend more relaxed time connecting with their customer and there is usually a slow paced lyrical tune playing. All of these components require the visitor and the host to give emit positive energy. I believe that each one of these quality elements has overlapped on the last and has created a soothing environment. A person who visits Starbuck’s is usually in a good state of mind to be treating themselves to an almost $4 cup of coffee. While the people who go into McDonald’s are scrimping to save and are in a hurry. Anxiety stays in McDonald’s all day long.

So you’re following my drift wood right? It’s all the little actions all day, all week all year that create the energy of a home. Take a look at my friend Judie’s house. Every time I enter it, I feel endorphins going off all over my body. I asked myself, “What goes on in that home all week?” What I know for sure is no matter what day of the week it is Judie always greets people with a hug. She often cooks homemade recipes for her husband, grandchildren and friends. The grandchildren she loves come over to play a couple times a week. There are always fresh flowers in sight and she is constantly praying to God. I believe what makes Judies home an intoxicatingly happy place to be is the combustion of the mass amount of positive energy set off by her daily acts of kindness.

Then there’s my other girlfriend (whose name we won’t mention because after everyone reads my blog I’m going to have my own show and this article is going to be considered one of the best home therapy articles of the 21st century.) Her house is down right drab. I’m sorry but it’s true, besides the comfortable sectional sofa and the other lavish wood furnishings her home has a chill that would make an igloo look like a cabana in Hawaii. I watched her family interact within the home. I found them watching a lot of television and when they converse it’s usually something sarcastic. She makes home made meals solely because her children need to eat. Not for the sake of doing something for someone she loves. Sadly, as much as I care for my girlfriend I usually get so overwhelmed by the frigidness that I have to leave pretty quickly. (I can’t write blogs if I’m bummed out now can I?)

Now you might think this whole, “energy thing” is a little too spooky and has nothing to do with a rooms “looky.” Come on! Give a blogging girl chance! Think about it, what happens when a happy person smiles at you? Be honest! You feel happy and in turn you give away the happiness. Every action we do require energy. If you are constantly taking your time to “smile” at your home by praying over it, making home made dinners with fine ingredients for the ones you love or even polishing the wood furniture with love then that positive energy will accumulate and make your home an inviting house. Think of your home as a relationship with a person. Every kin action you do with “the person” builds a stronger, happier relationship. I hope you take my theory to heart and make your home ooze with positive energy from your front door to your bedroom set.