Thursday, October 05, 2006

A guide to finding a bedroom set in the jungle of options....

Are you like me? Have you ever been searching for that one CD and just can’t remember who it’s by? You end up going up to a clerk and start singing the lyrics. Unfortunately this strategy only works at Best Buy. The most effective way to shop would be to know what you're looking for before you go. When shopping for bedroom sets make sure you know your woods, veneers and designs before you go swiping your card around. A bedroom set is a pricey purchase. The more you know about the products the more prone a salesperson will be to give you the best assistance in finding exactly what you want.

A Cherry Bedroom Set vs. A Mahogany Bedroom set-

As different as cherry pie is from strawberry, a cherry bedroom set is a few sweet degrees to the left of mahogany. A cherry bedroom set is a regal choice. Sophisticated with a rich vibrant flare. If you're looking for character in a room a cherry bedroom set will supply you with years of good company. Not to be confused with Mahogany wood sets (which also have red under tones.) Mahogany woods stand on the burgundy side of the reds. A deep rich color that is sophisticated. As well, Cherry woods are carefully stained woods. Unlike Mahogany which has a natural red tone.

A King vs. California King-

Personally I think this was an underground deal made between the sheet factory and the mattress factory. The sheet factory is making a killing while they sell double the sheets to people buying for the wrong size mattress. For now lets ignore my conspiracy theory, here’s the real scoop. The California King mattress is 4 inches longer than a Standard King Mattress. A Standard King Mattress is 4 inches wider. Depending on your preference of foot room vs. elbow room you can make your decision. Also, make sure your sales representative is aware of the size of your mattress when you go to purchase a bedroom set.

Canopy beds vs. Bed Posts-

One of the easiest ways to be confused. Both of these beds have 4 large posts rising up out of the four corners of the bed. However, a canopy bed has railings with the capability to hang fabrics and curtains to the bed. A Canopy bed is great for a room with vaulted ceilings or plenty of space. A bed with bed posts is decorative in the wood that stands alone. No railings connect the posts.

Head boards-

The piece of wood that stands above where you rest your head. Depending on the style of the bed you're going for a head board might be inter-changeable. Again, a bigger head board is great for a bigger room. There is the ability to keep the head board sophisticated and simple or grand with etched wood and appliqu├ęs.

Dark Wood Bedroom set-

Consider a dark wood bedroom set to be like the color black. Versatile, classy, timeless. Stained to a rich, dark perfection. Dark wood bedroom sets are not the stuffy, old-English wood it has been associated with. Dark woods are making a comeback. Remember, brunette is the new blond? Try a dark wood bedroom set in a brightly painted room for great contrast.

Contemporary Bedroom set-

If Contemporary Bedroom Sets were a city, they would be Miami Beach. Sophisticated, sexy, and cutting edge. Strong lines, steel embellishments and vibrant colors encompass these bedroom structures. Made for the sophisticated and chicest of consumers

Classic Bedroom sets-

Bare wood never looked so good. Subtle curves and natural woods in classic shapes. A classic bedroom set is always in style. Gorgeous woods that shine in the afternoon sun and last from generation to generation. A classic bedroom set is suited for a home that is unpretentious and naturally confident.

Pine/blond wood bedroom sets-

They don't call them “blond bombshells” for nothing. There is something about a light wood bedroom set that is inviting. Bright, radiant and fresh. Lighter woods give off a refreshing and relaxed feel. Great if you live near the beach or love the beach look. Most light wood bedroom sets are natural and unstained. Look for a solid wood bedroom set or birch wood bedroom set.