Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sizzling Bachelorette Invitations!

So there's no denying it...I'm a Party Girl! I love it all from the planning, the inviting to the partying and the drinking! The invitation totally sets the mood for the party. Take Jackie's Bachelorette invitation. I gave it a "Mission Impossible" vibe. I wanted the girls to feel like this wasn't just "another bachelorette party." This is a Mission and they better be ready to go big! (Click on the image to read the wording. I don't lie, It's pretty cute)
*Tip- The envelope is just as much apart of the invition as the RSVP. I printed each invitation on my computer and added "Top Secret" and "Confidential" as embellishments to get the reciever curious about the envelopes contents. Oh! I also titled each girls invite as "Agent..." Bottom line...their cute!

Cute Bridal Shower Invitations

I'm going to be a bridesmaid! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! (SCREAM!) I've known Jackie since 7th grade when both of our mom's were an hour late picking us up from school. Everything happens for a reason eh? "Thanks Mom!" Now, I'm going to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! Well, this is the girlfriend drooling, grandma approving invitation to her Bridal Shower. I found the invitations at a cute little party store in Costa Mesa, CA called Where's the Party? I made up the rhyme at the top and had them print them for me. I really wanted to hand make the invitations, but being a "creative wanna do it all that I am" I've learned to pull back before I burn out. The price to have these printed saved me a lot of valuable time that I needed to help plan the shower...
*Tip: Some of the gal's on the guest list were out of the country. If you are sending any invites over the blue Atlantic then you need to put $1.20 postage on it. I know! It's a lot! I Just try to imagine my pretty invitation getting a double take from her First class seat while all the other post cards in coach drool over her pen-manship :) Ciao! - Irvina