Thursday, November 02, 2006

Decorating tips for a bachelor:

Decorating tips for a bachelor:

I love going to a bachelor pads! It cracks me up how different guys are about “their space.” From the gentleman who wants my opinion, “If I had a white sofa with Tahoma blue pillows that would look pimp right? Or would it look too nautical?” To the momma’s boy who proudly exclaims, “My mom decorated! Have you seen her picture? She’s beautiful!”

Metro-sexual, straight, gay, surfer dude to the collector of 18th century nudes…generation Y2K’ ers are bound to be bachelors for quite some time. Statistics show that generation Y2K prolongs pursuing a focused career, post pone marriage until after 30 and will invest in property before their 26th birthday. Meaning many bachelors are going to be all alone scratching and sniffing wood, trying to figure out the difference between a Mahogany wood bedroom set and a Cherry wood bedroom set. Lucky for you, Mr. Bachelor, the nice chaps at are bribing me with lattes and compliments to share my memoirs of bachelor pad traveling. I’ve seen the tastefully good ½ living room ½ basketball court, the sadly bad cigar smelling recliner and the always appropriate sandalwood potpourri. Some of you find decorating as easy as opening a door for a pretty lady, the rest are dumbfounded the same way you don’t understand why women consider ice cream a food group (it’s calcium I tell you!) Don’t be afraid, I’ll pimp your pad and you’ll have chicks offering to be your maid!

The Living Room is like a car….

It should suit your style, be a quality product and most importantly it should go vroom vroom! Meaning it should look so good that other people will want it the moment they lay eyes on it (the way the dudes in the next building look at your 7 series eh?) Most bachelor entertaining will take place in the living room. Making your selection of sofas, loveseats, sectionals and entertainment sets a stock market important one. Depending on your hobbies you can make your selections easier. If you’re a big sports fan, then a leather sectional would be appropriate. Keeping your guests entertained around the T.V. and having leather in case of touchdown excitement party fouls. If leather isn’t your game plan, then the Westwood Sectional with over 1000 fabric swatches will cater to you. If you’re a Great Gatsby type who throws dinner parties then perhaps a sofa set with a love seat and ottoman would better suit your sophisticated taste. Do you smell that? I think your medallion cut filet mignon’s are ready.

The Bedroom is like a watch….

It should look good, be comfortable and classy! Seriously now, your looking for a watch. What kind of band do you prefer? Leather band guys like it all natural, you might like a Birch wood bedroom set with a refined finish that leaves the grain of the wood visible. Steel wrist band? It’s all about the way it functions to you. You’ll be happy with a Queen Bedroom set from You’ll be able to view over 500 bedroom sets from classical to contemporary and have it delivered to your home in 2 to 4 weeks! If that isn’t as precise as the clock striking 5 o’clock on a Friday, I don’t know what is. Now, for you silver banded chaps. Beacons of good taste you are. You’ll want to show your class with a dark wood bedroom set. Maybe even a contemporary bedroom set. Just remember bachelors, how a watch can make a “slob” look like “a hands on man.” A bedroom set can make a “pig sty” look like an “elegant mess.”

The Dining Room is like a girl….

It should be beautiful, smart and have some personality! Dinner parties, movie watching or football cheering if you have the wrong girl by your side it can make the party go to hangover all too fast. The same way not having the right furniture to entertain guests comfortably at your pad. Let’s face it were not in college anymore, it’s time to invest in a beautiful dining room set that won’t topple over when you put a six pack on it. There are thousands of styles at that will suit the most discriminating eyes. From leather back chairs dining room set to classic dining room sets. Like a girl their all beautiful and has the hottest selection.

Alright guys my pearls of wisdom have been given away for free. I think you guys should consider them like Taco Tuesdays. Good for you, fun and a great way to entertain the ladies. It’s time for my second latte. Ciao!