Friday, October 20, 2006

Tips on moving for my Nomad's.....

Moving….ugh!!! And I’m not talking boots! Why can’t it be like the Oregon Trail ya know? Hitch up the ponies throw in your two dresses, a canteen of water, grandma’s bible and pray you don’t die of yellow fever on the way? Okay, so maybe not so much like the Oregon Trail. Today’s ponies look like gas bingeing Uhauls and Grandma’s Bible is now huge sofas and bedroom sets. How do you get it all to the new house without a prescription for Xanax? With tips from La Irvina that’s how! Read on nomads!

1. Less = No stress!

So you are planning on buying a new bedroom set and replacing the sofa nicknamed “party foul central.” Why would you move stuff you are planning to replace anyway? Cancel the truck and hop on the internet to purchase an entire bedroom set and sofa that can be delivered to your new home. The best part is you won’t have to pay for the shipping or labor to move it. You’ll save the time of replacing the set later and you’ll have a fresh start in your new home. Most online furniture retailers like are very accommodating to your schedule. They can arrange to have the items delivered on your move in date.

  1. Trash is a great stash!

Use white trash bags instead of boxes for clothing, linens and towels. Use a black permanent marker to label them. Their cheaper than boxes and you can lean against them while you tell that one story about how when you were a kid, you hid in box and got sent to New Hampshire on a UHaul.

  1. Who is your 2 a.m. crew?

If you were in jail or stranded at 2 a.m. who would you call? Who would come and bail you out? Chances are those same people are the people who will help you move your dining room set with a smile. Be sure to thank your loyal friends with rounds of coffee, beer and sandwiches. But, if you’re better at giving than receiving then purchase new furniture than can be delivered to the new house from

  1. Front seat Fragile!

Since when did the word “fragile” translate to “play soccer with this box. It’s fun!” Not so much! If you have heirloom pieces like china, crystal or priceless Disney movies on VHS than you better put them in the front seat of your car. Be sure to keep a towel over them so vandals aren’t tempted to make “The Lion King” a shrine in their living room.

  1. Online Oasis

The opposite of moving would be relaxing? And you know what you can! This is the 21st century after all. What used to take a day of arranging, movers, trucks, boxes and furniture can now take 30 minutes tops online. Arrange for all the necessities of moving online with Arrange for new furniture to be delivered to your home with Since your such a genius for getting it done so fast you deserve a “Movish” backrub. Tell your missus a “Movish” back rub is a rub that leaves you free of kinks and is smooth all the way through.

  1. Designing sound dumbfounding? La Irvina is here for the unwinding!

Are you moving into a custom home with so many rooms you don’t where to start? Or are you moving to your first starter home with bizarre cabinets that are 2 ft by 2 inches? No matter what the scenario ask La Irvina of for tips on everything for decorating kid’s rooms to how pick a fabric for your sectional sofa.