Friday, June 15, 2007

Why Irvina's Pearls?

It all started with my niece. My sisters and I ( I have 4 sisters) were all talking about my niece starting Jr.High. One of my sisters said, "It sucks she's going to have to go through all of that girl drama, beauty drama, body changing junk. Don't you wish you could just save her from it?" I thought wait a lip-lickin second why can't we save her from it? We have all been through the same stuff, every woman has. She shouldn't have a hard time going through any of it; if we are here to help her through it. To give her our "pearls" of wisdom if you will. I mean that's what got me through those times. My experienced older sisters who said, "This is how I did it. This is what worked and this is what sucked." So there you go. This is "Irvina's Pearls." This is how I see it:I don’t claim to know it all, but I do know that when I fall over board into bone chilling water (that is screw up) I usually get hit in the head with a clam that has a beautiful pearl inside. Thus I am given a new pearl of wisdom! I don’t even own expensive pearls, but I am rich in experience. I’d like to share the wealth. Take what you like from what I know. I have plenty of pearls to share. I wouldn't be here today had the people in my life not shared their pearls with me. Happy digging. xoxo Irvina