Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bedroom sets by the Signs...


Christopher Columbus’s blood runs through the veins of an Aries. Act NOW or forever be bored to your knees! An Aries is always on the edge of greatness. Their exploration is carried through to their shopping for bedroom sets. An Aries wants to try it all. A Contemporary Bedroom Set with new fangled style is exciting for an Aries. Life is much too exciting for sleep making a Queen Bedroom Set sufficient for just enough shut eye to refuel. An Aries enjoys being on the brink of new ideas. Making a chic and Modern Bedroom Set the ideal for their bedroom. The perfect scenario would be finding a bedroom set online at a store like www.FurnitureFromHome.com That way they can shop and purchase within an hour and get back to planning that safari in Africa.


The Lion, the fearless leader in the jungle of life. Well suiting a Leo requires a King Bedroom Set for peaceful slumber away from the antics of leading. Leo’s have great expectations for themselves in all areas. A Solid wood bedroom set and a Quality bedroom set is well suiting for the Leo. New styles are scrutinized by a discerning leader. Likely a Leo will try out a Modern bedroom set for size. However if it doesn’t possess the attributes of quality wood and design than it will be exiled from the kingdom. .


Notorious for being the most perfect sign of them all. No seriously, Sagittarians are confident in their own definition of style. Open minded and intellectually curious a Sagittarian will want to know the history of a bedroom set. What kind of wood is this? Really? Where is that tree grown? What kind of air can you get jumping on the bed? It is a certified, jumping-safe bed right? Silly to you. Serious to a Sagittarian. A Sagittarian will prefer a dark wood bedroom set. Stylish by their own classic taste a Sagittarian has no need to keep up, making a classic bedroom set a grand possibility. Something that tells a story might speak to them. A distressed wood bedroom set might allow a Sagittarian to relish in the idea of a bed with a tale to tell.


Some of the most fascinating people in the world are Taurus’s. Warm and sensual beings that have a great appreciation for the fine things in life. When it comes to selecting a beautiful bedroom set beauty is the main factor. Elaborate designs and fine woods will stand out amongst the most scrutinizing eyes of the Taurus. The Taurus is the most likely to purchase a California King Bed, since life is too short to have anything less than the best. Mahogany bedroom sets, Canopy beds and solid wood bedroom sets with detailed design will be the most favored for a Taurus. The passionately strong willed and affectionate Taurus needs the same characteristics in a bedroom set that they possess in themselves.


Mother Earth is preserved by her Virgo children. A Virgo is practical and intelligent. Methodical and truly one with nature. Born out of realism with a tight grip on the importance of their environment. When it comes to bedroom sets they are prone to gravitate toward a clean and pure wood. A pine wood bedroom set or airy light wood bedroom set will look like a serene haven to a Virgo. A Virgo is a pure in all facets of life. Their modesty is seen in the transitional bedroom sets that they choose. It’s not about the flash or the prestige of what they have. It is the practicality and purity that it offers. Natural fibers are key to a Virgo. Wood bedroom sets are the optimal choice.


A stand out amongst the mass of flesh. A Capricorn does not go along with the crowd. They enjoy being an outsider and relish in their style. A Capricorn can be found purchasing the bedroom set with flare. A Cast Iron Bed exudes the strength of a Capricorn. Its reliability is seen in the beds stature. A disciplined and hard working Capricorn will feel the need to splurge on a Queen bed, for optimal rest from their exhausting work schedule. A-typically not following the crowd a Capricorn might even purchase California King Bedroom set just for their own shock value.


Everybody loves a Gemini. The witty and adaptable people we all cherish. Their cheery disposition is well accompanied by a “Cherry” bedroom set. Capricorns are upbeat and proud to be the main stream for communication. Their homes are inviting and soothing. One might find a Shabby chic Bedroom set, in a Gemini’s room. Bright and energizing bedroom sets are the keys to their hearts.


The chameleons. Young, old, outgoing or shy, a Libra makes everyone feel at home with them. The same with bedroom sets. Any bedroom set goes with a Libra. Let it be a Cherry Bedroom set or a light wood bedroom set. For a Libra a trundle bed is just as suiting as a grandiose King Bedroom set. The most important feature to a Libra is the comfort that the bedroom provides.


Always ahead of their time. An Aquarius is always sailing in the opposite direction of the crowd. Yet, it never bothers the Aquarius. They are comfortable being the eccentric. An Aquarius is likely to mix a contemporary bedroom set with classic bedroom accents. Original in their selection you never know what side of the bed their on. One day they could want a Cherry Bedroom set while the next day their thinking a natural wood bedroom set with a gloss finish. Watch the Aquarius to set the trends.


Fire works in a bottle. Scorpios have distinct and intense personalities. They shock people by their black and white mentality. Like wise their bedroom set selections differ distinctly from others. If a Scorpio likes a Modern Bedroom set then you are most likely to see their entire home in the lime greens and blacks. If they prefer a dark bedroom set you’ll see dark woods through out the home. Scorpios are likely to keep their tastes in bedroom sets for a life time. They know what they like and changing them is like changing black to white.


The fearless protectors. Cancerians are sensitive with an urge to protect the people around them. If sharing a bed a Cancerian will care about it’s durability in an earthquake. A solid wood bedroom set with its durability and stature will have great appeal to a Cancer. They want to feel the people around them have the best possible care. A Cancer prefers a King Bedroom Set over a Queen Bedroom Set. They will always choose the route that offers most comfort.


AKA Shakespeare in the flesh. The Pisces are the sensitive romantics amongst us. A Pisces is empathetic and compassionate. Like the Virgo the status of their environment weighs heavily on their heart. All facets of their life have importance and meaning. Purchasing a bedroom set requires a thoughtful and artistic eye that comes easily to the Pisces. A discriminating Pisces will find Solid wood beds and Classic bedroom sets pleasing to their pallets. Beds with exotic woods and artistic details are treasures worth the cost to a Pisces. As a leader of many movements the Pisces finds shopping online to be the most desirable way to shop. Their favorite place to shop for aesthetically pleasing furniture is www.FurnitureFromHome.com the most comfortable place to shop for romantic bedroom sets.