Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How to: Have the Best Birthday Party Etiquette

Live for today, Plan for tomorrow, Party tonight! – Author Unknown

I love birthday parties! I love having them and I love attending them. As a girl who has had 24 bangin’ birthdays I’ve got some tips for you on being the perfect party guest. Just follow the conga line to the word P-A-R-T-Y!

P- Present
A- Acknowledge

R- Relieve

T- Thank you

Y- Yackety yack

Present: Congratulations you made the “close friends who get invited to my birthday” list! Now you get to find a nice birthday gift. If you have the cash to spend you should shoot for the $25 range. Try and remember what the birthday girl/boy likes. Do you remember them saying they really liked the color indigo blue? Did she say she liked beads for making funky bracelets? If your budget is in the $10 range then you might want to pick up some flowers (every girl loves em’) or chocolates (every boy loves to eat em’)

Acknowledge: Okay Miss. Popular I’m talking to you! You walk in the door and everyone attacks you like Pooh Bear to honey. As hard as it is to escape the mob you need to acknowledge why you’re there and go find the birthday girl/boy pronto! Greet them with “Happy Birthday!” Hand them their gift and give them an honest compliment on the house, their outfit or the yummy food.

Relieve: So there is 30 guests and only one person cutting birthday cake, scooping ice cream and handing out slices. Be a great guest and relieve some of the stress of the birthday girl. Offer to hand out slices of the yummy apple cake. Did you see someone accidentally spill punch on the leather sectional sofa? Haven’t you been coming to this house since you were 5 years old and know where the rags are? Hop to the helping with the mess and be called a great guest!

Thank you: Whenever you leave a birthday party, be sure to thank the Birthday Girl/Boy and the Birthday Mom. After they went through all the work of cleaning their home, preparing food, finding a cake and organizing games it’s nice for them to hear that you enjoyed the party.

*Why do you say thank you to the Birthday Mom, you ask? Here’s the dealy yo: Your friend’s mom has probably worked her tail off all day to make this party happen. Nobody else will think to thank them and it will mean the world to them when you do. You are such a nice kid!

Yackety Yack: Unfortunately some people don’t read Chica Irvina’s blog and don’t know how to be good guests. They don’t help relieve party stress, they don’t say hello and thank you and they need your help! Maybe they are in a funk tonight and just not themselves…who knows. If you see someone at the party who looks a little sad and lonesome on the leather sofa then pour yourself a tall cup of spiced apple cider and go yackety yack with the lonesome one. Chances are that there will be a time when you won’t have anyone to talk to at a party. A good guests helps all the other guests to have a good time.

What do you think?

Am I right on about birthday party etiquette or did I fall down in my stilettos one too many times this weekend? Let me know by emailing me at Irvina@FurnitureFromHome.com

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