Friday, April 27, 2007

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No Sweat Workouts!

I would much rather sit on a leather sofa set with my legs cast over the side as I savor a chocolate soufflĂ© than lift the cold, 15 pound , germ infested weights at the gym. I would much rather spend the day at my sisters dining room set creating scrapbooks as I leisurely listen to life advise from wise older women wearing cute antiqued broaches than run on a treadmill as I twist my neck trying to watch the Today show on the opposite TV in the gym. I would much rather lay on the beach and read the latest issue of In Style Weddings show casing the greatest and latest LA Wedding Photographers than surf. Physical activity is not my forte. However just like you I know the whole kitten caboodle about how women who don’t exercise are more likely to develop cancer and the inability to jump higher than their nephews on the backyard trampoline. My immature need to show up a five year old has put me in search of workouts that I like. I’ve broken down all of my fav’s by F.I.T.- Fun, Interesting and a Tip for you. Stretch your mind with this thought, “If Aunt Nini can do it. I can try it.”


Fun- Not only do you tone your body and develop a slender physique but you also develop your spiritual side. I remember my very first yoga class we did a posture called “Mountain Pose.” My instructor said, “Stand like a mountain. Standing completely still, unmoved by whatever may cross in front of you; always strong, always observing.” I thought this was such a cool way to calm myself, as well as see nature and myself as one in the same. Whenever things bother me now I think, “Be like the mountain.”

Interesting- As a novice yogi I thought, “it’s just a bunch a stretching.” Wrong! The trick to Yoga is the ability to calm your body. When you are calm your metabolism speeds up and your breath is deep. Keeping you slim and trim. The stretching and pulling allow blood to circulate to the organs in your body which are ignored.

Tip- My favorite Yoga teacher is Patrick of Freeman Yoga in Fullerton.


Fun-This is ab-mazing! Not only do my abs burn for three days after my workout I don’t break a sweat the entire time! There is also one instructor leading you at all times so it’s like having a personal trainer the entire time.

Interesting- The thing about Pilates is the slow and controlled situps, curls, leg work and arm work done on the machines. The slow pace of 10 sit-ups is equal equals the work of 100 situps. The pilates machine not only uses weights but uses your whole body as resistance training. Which is so good that Lance Armstrong does it!

Tip-My favorite Pilates instructor is Bristin from Escape Pilates in Newport Beach.


Fun-I have self diagnosed myself ADHD. I don’t take drugs to calm my hyper activity that starts at 6am and ends with crashing into my bedroom set at 1 a.m. Instead I go jogging. However I’m way to hyper to be confined to a treadmill in the gym. Born and raised a California Girl I am a “Sunshine Junkie.” I love being outside and petting all the dogs that are being walked before their owners go to work and checking out the hot business men buying their $4 lattes.

Interesting- The sun outside gives you Vitamin D which supports the healthy functioning of neurotransmitters in your body which keep your good morning smile very bright.

Tip- My favorite place to jog is at the beach and my favorite running shoes are New Balances.


Fun- You don’t have to bribe me with gourmet cooking to make me be in the sunshine, look at beautiful flowers, furry animals and talk to my friends. I consider hiking to be a “vaca-day” disguised as exercise. It works for me!

Interesting- “They say” (My dad always asks me, “who the heck is “They”? Does he have a last name?) that walking has the same health benefits for your body as jogging.

Tip- My favorite place to hike- Take PCH to Corona del Mar. Park on Poppy street. Walk down PCH (stay to the right and be cautious of the cars ) on the right hand side you will see some hiking trails along the side of the beach! They are so beautiful. They lead down to the beach. On the way back up you can grab a date shake from the “Shake Shack.” A long hike like that you will sleep well that night in your bedroom furniture guranteed!


Fun-Did somebody say, “Sunday Fun day?” The opportunity to ride my fire cracker red beach cruiser with my friends will have me jumping off of my living room furniture faster than you can say, “ A round of Pina Coladas, please.”

Interesting- Laughing and relaxing are as good for your health. Research (and this is “They” talking again) proves that laughter plays a key role in a healthy human life. A good laugh loosens muscles, lowers blood pressure, and may lower levels of hormones that create stress and weaken immunity. When laughing your body moves blood to your heart and lungs, boosting your energy level and making you feel better instantly. It also aids communication and creates a sense of closeness between you and the people you are with. en

Tip- Don’t hold up the party! Check out your bike tires before you take it out for the day.

What do you think? How do you exercise and keep it fun and entertaining? Do you think I would like it? I’d love to know your thoughts. Please let me know at

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