Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Quote of the day "On Soaring"

My roommate April (the cutie on the left of the other cutie) put this quote on our white board today:"No bird soars too high is she soars with her own wings."
I thought about this quote as it is written literally. I thought if I was to take a bird with me up to Mount Baldy she might die. I don't know the first thing about birds. I'm thinking altitude probably affects them all differently and what they eat depends on the species. That bird has a better chance of living if it's on it's own. It is born with the nature to take care of itself. We are all kind of like birds. Deep down we all know our strengths and our limits. It's when we are in touch with them that we are free like the birds. What do you think?

Fake smiles suck!

Fake smiles suck! I know you agree with me. Tell me the last time you framed a picture of a person who is smiling as if to say, "Yes, liver and fried onions is my favorite meal." Everyone has thier issues with cameras, most of it starts with a mommy that has said "say cheese" one too many times while the kid is trying to recreate Noah's ark in the privacy of their bath tub. Well, here are a couple of tips to get that genuine smile in no time!

If someone doesn't want to smile...no worries. Just "Get em' when their not lookin'. My favorite photos have come from the times I stayed super quiet and payed attention to when people laughed. The blurryness of some pictures adds character.

And other times you need to talk A LOT in order to help people forget there is a camera here. Here with my nephew Chris I told him, "Did you know that I am a real live princess?" He said, "No you're not. You're Aunt Nini" I said, "Seriously Chris, I'm a princess. I own this beach too. So if you want to take any shells home you better ask me first cause I'm having a party with all of the mermaids in the ocean tonight and they need some shells to make "shell bikinis. for the party" As you can see my story got a way more genuine smile than "cheese" ever would of.

This one is my favorite! Scream at them! Here I totally caught my friends off guard. I started screaming and jumping up and down and rallyed them up. They played along...and look at that. A very cute picture. Do you have any cute picture taking tips? Comment below. I'd love for you to share! Happy shooting and framing :) xoxox Irvina