Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Decorating to Sell: Tips for selling a home quickly

Decorating for Selling: Tips for selling a home quickly!

By: Irvina Kanarek, produced by www.FurnitureFromHome.com

“Sold” also known as “joy.”. “It’s not what we’re looking for” also known as “a punch in the gut.” What is it that makes a browser cross over into a purchaser? It’s the place where the buyer identifies with the home. One of the most missed marks of selling a home is in the interior. The interior design allows the browser to see themselves enjoying their purchase. As well as solidifying the price tag that goes with the home. Many sellers forget that they are not only selling a home, but an idea. The idea being that the home will bring joy to a family for over 30 years. It’s hard to imagine joy while staring at four bare walls. Americans are bombarded with over 3000 images a day that beg for their attention. What will make them remember the home you're selling as the most impressive image of the day?

Take the leap and decorate the jewel you’re selling to really shine. The cost of interior decorating may run a $6000 to $8000 price tag. However it's proven that a home that is generously decorated can carry as much as a $100,000 difference in profit. Some sellers are savvy enough to list a “As is” prices. Including the furniture in the sale.

The most affordable way to decorate is on line. On line furniture retailers like www.FurnitureFromHome.com sell their furniture in sets. A fast and affordable way to shop and decorate. Beautiful furniture and your honest selling appeal will have your house fly off the market. Here are some of my most successful and affordable home selling techniques.

  • The customer is always in sight-

What kind of customer are you expecting? Young and contemporary or classy and refined? You will want to decorate the home with furniture that is fitting to the customer. If you’re thinking of a traditional cape cod then work with simple woods and colors. Select a pine dining room set and a plush sofa set.

  • The light way-

Light initiates the release of serotonin and neurotransmitters. Put your visitors in the feel good mood by having plenty of light in the home. Turn on every light and raise every blind. It may sound odd to turn lights on during the day, but it will be a noticeable difference from other homes. Be sure to purchase plenty of lamps with differences in mood lighting. Living rooms and dinging rooms should have soft lighting. Tall free standing lamps are best in bedrooms and offices. Visit www.FurntiureFromHome.com for a variety of selections.

  • Bigger is a seller-

A grand home deserves equally grand furnishings. Cherry wood dining room sets, classic bedroom sets and leather chairs remind the buyer that this is a privileged purchase. Furniture should hold it's own weight in the mass of a 3000 to 4000 square foot home. Don't be afraid to go big with dining sets for 12 and sectional sofas. A buyer investing in a 4000 square foot home is going to need an added initiative to write that check.

  • Breezy dreams- This is after all the house of their dreams. Remind the buyer of the climate. Open up all the windows in the home to invite in the ocean air and the inviting aroma of the rose bushes outside. Long drapes that flow in the wind add to the enchantment of any home.

  • Hot price- There is nothing that reminds you your home like sitting near the fireplace. Whether it's summer or winter have those fires going. Remind the buyer that every little part of the home is unique. If it's summer place smore fixings around the fire place. If it's winter place some hot tea nearby.

  • Appetizing appetizers- Keep coffee, tea and snacks available for shoppers to snack on. Most shoppers will feel more prone to stay longer if you give to them. In return they will give you their listening ear.

  • Secrets in the garden- A private piece of Mother Nature all to themselves? They can't pass up this home! Remind your buyer that this isn't a backyard it's sanctuary. Place a hammock, swing or fountain on the green. You're sure to see the newlywed couple yell “We'll take it” from the swing.

  • Music to my sale- There is a reason why you hear music blasting out of every store in the mall. It sets the mood. Do the same, but make sure you play very slow and rhythmic melodies. The slower the music the slower and longer the browsing.

  • Kid around- The shorter the customer, the harder the sale. A buyer who brings their child along to view a home is saying they like their child's company. As well, so should you. Lets keep them happy and the sales happening. Provide time invested games for children to do. Checker boards and jewelry making with beads are time consuming and quiet. Steer away from coloring books and crayons that may end up on the walls of the house.

  • Browse around- When decorating a home browse the Internet for images of picture perfect homes. One of my favorites is www.FurnitureFromHome.com

Great ideas for designing entire rooms and they sell entire furniture sets exclusively.