Monday, June 11, 2007

Moisturizer & Sunscreen? Aren't they the same?

No! as in "Heck NO!" I didn't know you had to moisturize your face AND put sunscreen on it. Well newsflash ladies....YOU DO! Ilearned from the sweetheart named Debbie Sue at the Clinique counter at Nordstroms in South Coast Plaza. She is the sweetest gal ever! Go see her and tell her I said, "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!" Debbie Sue say that you want to 1.) Keep your face hydrated. Your skin will look fresher and fuller and hydration prevents wrinkles. You keep hydrated with a moisturizer like this one...

2.) You want to put your sunscreen on afterwards to block out the sun.Which is very important to prevent skin cancer and wrinkles also.

So one keeps you moist the other keeps you lets say, "shaded." I'm a visual person. I'm going to guess you are too...You want to always think of your skin as a plant. The plant will stay beautiful as long as you keep it "moist" and in the "shade" for most of the time :) Did you girls find this helpful? Would you like me to talk about other beauty stuff. Let me know :) xoxoxo Irvina

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